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Care Guide For Our Furniture

When creating the business, our founders sought to only use the highest quality wood materials and finishes available, and while we've done our best to ensure strength and durability are the back bone of our designs, we recommend following this care guide at all times to keep your furniture in its best condition.


Always clean the surfaces of your furniture with a damp cloth and avoid using detergents.

All of our surface finishes are Osmo wood oil treatments (in either a matt or satin finish). The company Osmo have 'over a 100 years of experience in manufacturing high quality wood oils' and 'deliver environmentally friendly, professional finishes for all aspects of interior and exterior wood'.

The company recommends that you:

  • Avoid covering the finish

  • Ensure good ventilation where possible

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe down rather than cleaning products

  • Or, use their Osmo Spray Cleaner

We also recommend ensuring good ventilation and wiping down with a damp cloth for Farrow & Ball painted surfaces.


Do not leave your wooden furniture in a damp space, like a garage, or next to a radiator.

Wood moves as its moisture content changes. Where humidity is high, the wood absorbs the moisture and expands, and when humidity drops, the wood shrinks. Wood is going to expand and contract no matter what - you can't stop it, it's natural!. The movement is gradual, so you probably won't, if ever, notice it.

However, given the chance, wood can move at faster rates and can cause problems you can't miss such as gaps in woodwork and cracks. As a result, it's important that you do not keep your Wainhouse furniture in damp places for prolonged periods of time, even if you still keep the furniture inside the box it came in. Damp places may include garages, sheds and attics. On the other hand, you also don't want to keep your furniture in very dry places, like next to radiators for similar reasons.

For painted products, always top up with a Modern Eggshell finish

We use Farrow & Balls toughest interior finish - Modern Eggshell, on all of our furniture, whether that's on our tables or bar stools - it's all the same finish. Paint is quite forgiving, because you can repaint over a surface at any time and it will be like the item has just been bought.

To re-apply the paint, ensure you clean the surface so that it's free from grease and is dry. Then, lightly sand the area to help the paint stick better. We have already applied an undercoat so you don't necessarily need to apply a coat of primer again as Farrow & Ball suggests, unless you are doing a heavy duty refurbishment and have sanded down to the wood.

After sanding, apply 2 or 3 coats of paint and let it dry overnight.


Opt to send your Wainhouse furniture back to us so that we can repair it, and we'll send it back to you once it's ready.

While we don't have an official guarantee on our items, we understand that you've invested in quality furniture and would like it to last a lifetime. At any time, you can send your furniture back to us so that we can repair it. Our repairs cost between £15 - £25 per item; we can repair cracks and fix gaps as well as apply an extra coat or two of our Osmo oil treatment or Farrow & Ball paint. The price depends on how much of a repair you'd like us to do. Once the items are repaired, we'll send them back out to you for next day delivery. Shipping charges may apply.

To enquire about repairs, simply send an email to info@thewainhouseco.com

Kindly note that we only offer repairs on furniture that you've purchased from us.

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